Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Light Bulb

I have to write this down here so that I actually remember to do this...

I was thinking to day about all the free time I am going to have over break and I have come up with a plan to not be a lazy ass and actually do something productive:

1. So I was talking to my mom today, more like she was talking at me, but she was asking if I remembered when she took us out when we were kids to go look at lightening storms, or to go look at deer. For some reason I don't remember this, and that got me thinking about what I did remember of my childhood. I was sad to discover that I don't remember much. What comes to mind is me playing by myself, barbies/playmobile/dolls/cars. I used to play on my bed and pretend it was a ship and I would sail places. I wasn't close to my siblings, and it wasn't like I didn't have friends, but for some reason I don't remember playing with anyone. What I really want to do is to do some illustrations based on what I don't remember (maybe what I do remember) and create a totally different idea of my younger days then I currently have now.

2. I need to photograph my work, FO SHO. And organize.

3. I also desperately need to work on digital because I suck hard core. Even though I will be taking 2 digital classes next quarter, I am intimidated.

4. I need to lighten up. In all respects.