Thursday, November 6, 2008


(bad quality)

I miss RISD a lot for some reason today. I was looking at pictures from the past 2 years.

I was sitting outside my class yesterday waiting for it to start, and the other kids were talking to me about all the performance art they were shown in their freshman year, and it was really sad hearing them talk about it. One kid said that he wished that art was more about talent and less about people walking in circles in a grassy spot (as an example). That pretty much sums up the type of art that is done here in the illustration department. Devoid of thought. Or at least what I have experienced. Who cares if something is technically good? How is that interesting? And yeah, I think some of that really out there stuff is bullshit, but it has merit and is worth exploring. I sometimes cant stand it here. Mainly the closed mindedness and conservativeness. I'm kind of freaking out.

I miss being around people doing art all the time, and being ridiculous and all over the place and uninhibited, and doing homework with people, and talking about things with people, and not driving out to the middle of hell everyday by myself just to come right back home. Leave it to RIT to for the first time in my life make me feel self-conscious about who I am.

I guess its kind of good because I am so creatively starved that I have actually started drawing a lot again. Uh. Luckily I only have until next fall in this depressing school because I can't take anymore.

Boo hoo me.

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