Sunday, January 30, 2011

the circle skirt

So I tried sewing my first piece of clothing this weekend. Just a simple circle skirt, but I was still pretty nervous since I'm not the best seamstress. As you can probably see, the hem along the bottom is a little strange (although somehow I managed to figure out the "invisible" hem by myself), but I think I can correct that with some ironing. Only I will be able to see all the flaws. All in all, making your own clothes is way more trouble than I thought. The time and money it took me to buy the fabric and then sew the whole thing together, sort of stressed me out. I find knitting a garment more natural, and at least if I mess something up I can go back and rip it out easily. Perhaps I just need to become more familiar with sewing. Anyways, after ironing it tomorrow, I think it will be ready to wear :)