Friday, December 19, 2008


So I am entering my first real poster contest (outside of high school) in the next month, and I am feeling uncharacteristically nervous. Big money is at steak (stake?) and damnit I want to win really bad, which is always a terrible thing because that means I really care. Usually I refrain from caring because I am often disappointed, but now I think I might have a chance. I really should get used to this feeling as it is probably going to follow me throughout my life, and my profession. I am never a fan of competition (unless I know I am going to win ahahahaha). Anyways, the deadline is pretty far off (Feb) so I am just in the brainstorming stages. Its going to be hard because I have never actually been to the event and I'm sure the other people submitting have, but I don't see that as being too big of a problem.

I'm wishing myself luck because I'm pretty positive no one reads this hahaha which I kind of like, but is the opposite of what the point should be.

Hopefully I will be productive over break. I'm excited about the projects I'm doing :)

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