Saturday, February 12, 2011

IF: Sweater

This week's Illustration Friday is one of my favorite things in the whole world:

Ok, but now I have a question... HOW DO I HANDLE THIS IMAGE SITUATION!? You know what I mean? When you take a scan/photo of your painting/drawing and you have to deal with all the warping and craziness in the background! The image above is how I would normally handle it, by adjusting the exposure and maybe dodging out some of the darkness in the background. And it's alright, but that still doesn't 100% do it for me.

This image above is where I cut out the image and pasted it on a white background. I didn't go and smooth out the edges (which I would do if I was going to really go with this) but I don't like this either! It leaves out some of the subtle information around the edges.

The image above is without any editing: darkness/craziness all over the place.

WHAT DO I DO?! I need help.

6 comments: said...

This looks like a particularly lovely and cosy sweater

duermodespierto said...

Good job. Congratulations

Joan Y said...

Hi, I love your sweater! BTW, do you scan or photograph your images? I'd suggest scanning them to reduce shadows from the paper and using a backing sheet to press down the paper (less wrinkles) when you scan. You might consider using good quality watercolor paper so your paper doesn't warp when it gets wet. Hope that helps!

Laia Jufresa said...

First of all, I love this and I want that sweater!!

Now I have the same problem you do! what I do is put the pic in photoshop and take out the cast, then put "quick fix", it becomes a lot better, but it's far from perfect.

INDIGENE said...

Wonderful illustration...the textures are marvelous!

Coreopsis said...

I've never really had any problems scanning my images on the scanner, unless the paper is really warped (like with lots of heavy ball-point pen hatching).

Wonderful drawing. It looks so cozy, and the textures are fabulous.