Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More recent

Something I started tonight. I really really like where it is going. I know you can't see much by the photo but I am excited. (Comments/suggestions are always welcome)

Tonight painting really felt good. Smelling all that toxic shit is nice sometimes. Makes me think I am back to sophomore year in the painting studios of RISD (nostalgic moment, fuck). I am going to build up the layers a lot in places like I started doing at the end of my independent study with Chad last quarter. I liked placing one bit of color next to another and not really blending everything, so that the mark of the paint (I think) is more interesting and more expressive.

Hopefully I'll have some more progress photos as this goes on.

I really want to start taking some workshops outside of RIT....intaglio, screen printing, loom weaving...things like that, I am trying to not need to go for a masters degree because I definitely do not have the money and being in more debt doesn't sound fun. Hopefully workshops will satisfy me. I need to do some research. I might have to go outside of Rochester....again suggestions welcome haha (suggestions for my life as well because its almost time to leave the nest and I still have no idea what I am going to do.)

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